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the most influential  person in my life
In life we all aspire to do something special. As we grow older we learn form our mistakes and try to pass on what we have learned. We set examples and influence those around us, making a positive impact on their lives. We become roll models in hopes that they to can
One such person is my mother. She is the most influence Person in my life. The reason for this is that she has taught me with great promise and patience. Through her I have learned the principles of just being a human being with myself and toward others. The lessons become more valuable to me as I experience life. Helping to prepare and shape me for the outside world.
I remember during my up bringing hearing my mother give advice to her family. Many of whom are grateful until this day. Family members would tell me that I was lucky to have her as a mother. As a child she instilled in me the necessary ingredients that are essential in developing a strong character. Responsibility, consideration, respectfulness, honesty, caring, kindness and humility to name a few without these how can I survive this cruel world of a wilderness? Nature has its rules guidelines ands requirements for survival. We have ours to.
My mother influence and support has enabled me to have the confidence I need to build a solid foundation that will promise me sound future. To have a happy and healthy family. Three other reasons for my mother influential role in my life are inspiration, determination and motivation. As her mother inspired her I am inspired by my mother to succeed in all of my endeavors. To return and provide for her and my future family I am determined by mother determination. She sacrificed for me and now I will do the dame for her.
When the opportunity to immigrate to the United States was there my mother seized the moment and came here with little money no education and no language skills. Knowing that she lacked the essential skills needed to succeed here she still pushed forward determined to forge a foundation there were times where her confidence level dropped and she thought of  giving up and going back to China. But she still persisted because I gave her reason to.
The reason was the thought of me living the American dream. This was too great and important for her to go back.
Motivated by her poverty and up bringing my mother has only one thing on her agenda. That is to influence me in any way she can. This in turn motivates me to climb any obstacle scale the highest mountain and swim the longest ocean. As a result of my mothers influence I have become and will continue to be a better person striving to achieve greatness.